Experience A Holiday Like No Other At Curacao

Curacao is an amazing place to visit while on vacation. This island is filled with some amazing tourist options due to which a large number of people flood the island each year. While Curacao is an amazing place to visit, hotels are often expensive which is why it is always best to consider huis huren curacao. This turns out to be an affordable solution and you can extend your stay for a longer time since you will save on a lot of money that you would have initially spent on hotels.


There are a number of apartment rentals available in this island; however it is best to pick one that is close to the main hubs in the island. Since there’s a lot to do here, it is always best to explore the best places to see in Curacao and check for an apartment that is in close proximity to these places.

One of the best things to do in Curacao is visit the Cas Abao beach. This is a beautiful white sand beach that is surrounded by greenery and cliffs. It even has a lot of thatched palapas that provides shade. You will be able to spot some amazing spotted eagle rays, sea turtles and tropical rainbow colored fishes. You can also enjoy an amazing body massage by the beach and enjoy a quiet drink and classic sea food in one of the various bar and restaurants located here.


The Cas Abao beach is known for its amazing beauty and the superb facilities. You can also enjoy snorkeling and other water sports. Since the beach is accessible only by car there is a parking lot made available as well on the beach. This is a complete experience provided at one of the cleanest beaches in Curacao.

EXPEDIA: From The Start To The Present

Expedia is the name of a travel agency launched online initially as the prime Internet property of the IT giant Microsoft in October 1996. The first team initially consisted of a few well known of Microsoft: Byron Bishop , the Group Developer; Soraya Bittencourt, the Program Manager; along with Richard Barton, the Group Product Manager and Greg Slyngstad, the Group Manager. Then in the year 2001, the then CEO Bill Gates made up his mind to turn the property into a public sector and improve Microsoft’s financial revenues.


After Expedia being turned into a public sector asset, Rich Barton was made the CEO and followed by Lloyd Frink, an employee at Microsoft and used to serve under Richard came together to join the now free public company. Although it is an World wide net based service having its headquarters based in USA, Expedia has its bases in countries like Vietnam, UK , Argentina, Belgium, Australia, Brazil and lot more and caters to a lot of users around the world.

Expedia is an online multiple booking service that helps to books reservations in hotels, airline, cruises, car rentals and various other packages through the internet and the telephone agencies. Expedia uses multiple GPS tracking systems like World span and Amadeus for Flight and hotel reservations in hired on contract based reservations. AS aforesaid Expedia was initiated by the IT giant Microsoft which later coveted millions of dollars by becoming a public company because according to a Bill Gates’ excerpt “Expedia is not about software intensified technology and Microsoft could not do enough to expand the sector”.


Following which USA Networks bought all the claims of Expedia completely from Microsoft in July 2001.  Expedia started a new feature in June 2014; it started accepting bit coins. And the following September , Expedia  entered into a bond with another company called Citigroup which further led to the introduction of the Expedia+ where the members can win extra points and gain priority customer help and beneficial services in the website itself. Expedia coupon can be found here.