A Perfect List Of Highest Thc Strains!

A Perfect List Of Highest Thc Strains!

It is the constant development which keeps us motivated and helps in driving the world in the forward direction. If you really want to one area where constant development is made in last few years, you need to check out the world of Cannabis. Do you know the THC levels in 90’s? Are you aware of the current highest THC strain? When you get answers to these two important questions, you will come to know about the constant progress achieved by cannabis industry. It is the significant increase in THC level which has caught the attention of both medical professionals as well as adult users. Many professional growers are trying their level best to grow strongest strains with incredibly high THC levels. Some of these professionals have been able to achieve more than desired outcomes and here we are mentioning a perfect list of highest THC strains.


  • Bruce banner – We don’t have any hesitation in mentioning Bruce Banner at top of list. With this particular strain, you will become a happy person from a busy one in just a few minutes. The weed will act as a relaxed stoner and offers a record level of 29{17f092ef30976f9d9491288312c312938575c12dabf34e826b0696563fa31a0a} THC. This particular strain has already won many awards and still going strong. With current predictions, there is every possibility of the strain achieving much higher THC levels in near future.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Just don’t get fooled by the name as the strain is a hybrid of popular Durban Poison and OG Kush. The strain will definitely have a strong effect on the entire body and definitely not recommended for novice consumers. The weed tastes like mint cookies and will surely bring you quick relaxation along with euphoria. The THC level offered by the weed is around 25{17f092ef30976f9d9491288312c312938575c12dabf34e826b0696563fa31a0a} which is highly impressive.


  • Ghost Train Haze – If you are looking to enhance your creative potential there is no other better option than Ghost Train Haze. This weed is surely the proud owner of highly unique flavor. When you consume the strain you will enjoy the sweet and citrus taste. With this highest THC strain, you will enjoy quick pain relief and a perfect way to fight depression.

The list of highest THC strain is pretty long but we were only able to share the most important ones. In order to know about strongest strains, just explore quality online sources.