Top 3 Best Plagiarism Checkers

Top 3 Best Plagiarism Checkers

While the internet has proven to be a great instrument in the facilitation of research activities, one of its undeniable disadvantages is the fact that the simplified process of obtaining information has proven to be an avenue for laziness among researchers to kick in. This is further aided by word processing materials, such as laptops and computers which allow you to simply copy-paste a block of text onto your word processor to further speed up the completion of your paper.plaigarism-checkerThis is a very rampant practice in the academe, especially among students who are fond of cramming their papers and working on them only at the 11th hour. Teachers have long been aware of this practice. While some are tolerant and grade papers as it is, some take the time to meticulously check papers, and one of the means they do so is to use academic plagiarism checkers.

The following are 3 of the best academic plagiarism checker you can use:


This one of the easiest free plagiarism checkers you can use. All that one has to do is copy-paste the text, enter the URL, or upload a text file. 50 searches can be done per day for registered, while 1 search is allowed for visitors.


Copyleaks give users the chance to check entire websites for plagiarism, as well as content duplication. It is also able to detect plagiarism for other languages apart from English, and also supports multiple formats.plaigarism-checker

Paper Rater

This is one of the most comprehensive tools which not only offers checking for plagiarism, but for grammar as well. It also gives out tips on how to write properly. It also gives out statistics for readability, as well as title validation. There also is a paid version which allows for added functionality.

All About Ebooks

All About Ebooks

Looking for a way to view documents without the hassle? Then your smartphone will be able to do all that for you! It’s amazing how smartphones have evolved, with you now being able to view all the documents and media files you want with ease. This is through the wonders of eBooks! With eBooks, you are now able to take a ton of advantage of the features it has to offer. They are more than simply viewing documents! Wondering about the other benefits of eBooks? Or how you can use it? Then you can learn more about it here.

All About eBooks


eBooks are electronic documents you can view right in the comforts of your smartphone or technological device. It gives you the ability to create, edit, view, and even share your documents to people around you or worldwide! It’s become a very popular feature people take advantage of because of the fact it helps save money, paper, and a lot of hassle. You not only get to save money on printing, but the environment when lessening the usage of paper. No need to lug around dozens of files anymore either.

How to Use eBooks


How can you start using eBooks? It’s simple. All you need to do is download the eBook you want and need. Your smartphone will either have a pre-installed app you can use to view your eBooks, or you can opt to install a third-party app in order to reap more features, such as sharing and viewing it more efficiently. The best part? It’s all for free! You will only need to pay for it if the eBook or app you choose will require you to, but not to worry, as many hosts and developers offer it without the need of paying fees or what.