Choose The Best Contemporary Lighting For Your Kitchen

Choose The Best Contemporary Lighting For Your Kitchen

Having the best lighting for your kitchen is important especially choosing lighting that will best suite your kitchen décor and style. Here are the different types of contemporary lighting out there, to help you in your decision making process.modern lighting

  1. Chandeliers- you should choose one that will fit above the Kitchen Island. This is because a chandelier usually stands out as a statement piece using more than one can be a distraction.
  2. Pendants- pendants should be simple as it’s advisable to use more than one. You can choose as many as you want depending on the size of your kitchen. Arrange them an inch from each other to make it more decorative.
  3. Track- track lighting is adjustable and gives a more open space feel. They work better on a plain white background as they become almost invisible to see.
  4. Ceiling mounted- they illuminate enough light to the whole kitchen and not only the kitchen island. Only one at the center is enough to make cooking fun and easy.
  5. Multi-bulb fixtures- although they are plain, used together with lanterns can add a decorative feel. They are simple illuminating just enough light to make the kitchen look and feel more spacious.
  6. Mixing it up- there is no formula to lighting your kitchen; you can get creative and mix up the different contemporary styles out there. For example; you can mix up tracks and pendants according to your kitchen and style décor.modern lighting


Take your time in choosing the best style for your kitchen keeping in mind the kitchen style is not easy to change unless you do some renovation. Always ensure the lighting is not too much and also not too dim to avoid accidents or injuries.

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