Guide To Using Instagram Video For Marketing

Guide To Using Instagram Video For Marketing

Instagram was purely a photo sharing mobile based app until in 2013 when the platform decided to launch its video sharing option. The main reason behind the video sharing was to offer users with a greater opportunity of telling their stories in a manner in which videos were not able to. What Instagram does best when compared to other visual apps is that it allows the users to create 15 seconds videos in an easy and fun way which is also accessible. When done correctly, it has the ability to increase engagement and help drive traffic to an extent that you’ll not feel the need to buy instagram followers in order to achieve the same results. we can use specific keywords on instagram can get better results such as who unfollowed me on instagram  is one of the popular hashtag 

Studies have shown that Instagram videos are two times more likely going to create engagement when compared to Instagram photos. This goes to show you just how important Instagram videos are to brands and even to people.

How best to create awesome Instagram videos

Every time you upload a video on Instagram of your brand or products and services you need to make sure that the video is relevant if you want maximum engagement. Here are a few tips to creating an engaging Instagram video:

  1. Always make a point of capturing more footages with your camera accessories

Whether it is an Instagram photo or a video always make sure that it is of the highest quality. You’ll not create engagement withmediocre videos. Make your video capturing moments as fun and enjoyable as possible by making use of some of the top camera accessories including the mini adjustable tripod holder, the cellphone tripod adapter for iOS devices and Samsung and the 60-inch tripod stand.

  1. You can turn your images into short gifs or videos

This is a wonderful and creative way of making the most of your videos for marketing purposes. With applications such as Burstio App, you can turn your burst mode images into short GIFS or movies and use them for the marketing purposes of your business. The only limiting factor about this app is that it is only available for iOS 5/6 and 6 Plus users at a cost of $1.19.


  1. Make the most of iMovie

This application allows you to speed up and slow down a number of specific video frames again for Apple users. You can use the app to either slow down or speed up select video frames to emphasize a point in your video. The good thing about this app is that it allows you to share your story in a limited time period and tell it in a manner that will be engaging to the users.

Instagram, as of July 2015 started showinginstagrammers who are good at creating videos that are not only engaging but also entertaining at the same time. As per the stats released, entertainers, beauty gurus and sports brands are at the top of the list of the top videographers on Instagram.